G-Boost Extreme Rhino Rullat BRP QRS 2008-

Erittäin kestävät rullat BRP QRS variattoreihin vm.2008-2022

(ei 550f/330f mallit CVTECH variaattorilla)


G-Boost Extreme Rhino Rullat BRP QRS 2008-

Built to withstand the harshest environments and extreme shock-load.
These are the worlds best secondary rollers on the market!
-Massive amounts of mechanical strength coming in at 16000 psi of tensile strength
-Extreme dimensional stability using tighter tolerances on the CNC machine compared to OEM
-Enhanced compressive strength and stiffness, inherently good wear, and abrasion resistance
-Excellent fatigue, stress-crack, hydrolysis and chemical resistance
-Continuos service temperature of 260° C
-Melting temp creeping up on the 370° C